There are many types of turf available and we can get most varieties for you. Below are some of the most common options. We can offer turf pick up, delivered or laid.


Kikuyu is the most common and cheapest turf varieties we supply. It is one of the most durable lawns which will tolerate dry spells and recovers quickly. Kikuyu is an attractive hard wearing lawn suitable for schools, sports fields, residential and commercial areas.


We supply kikuyu in both large and small rolls depending on your needs. Large rolls are laid with our speciality equipment and are ideal for big, open areas and commercial jobs.


Sapphire buffalo grass has a high standard performance across seasons. It has a deep root system improving its drought tolerance and minimising watering. It lives in full sun and will tolerate part shade.


Sapphire is a  fine leaf buffalo grass that is low maintenance and slow growing meaning less mowing!


Couch is a dense lawn variety with a small leaf. It is a hardy variety, which recovers reasonably well after stress.