• We are the cheapest around and don't think that means a cheap product!. Our turf is top quality and you can order a range of different varieties. We can help you pick the best type for your area.

  • You can have your turf laid or if you are looking to save money you can lay out yourself.

  • We can help you prepare your area with levelling, top dressign and water systems.


  • Turf starts at $3.90/m including GST.

  • We can get most types of turf. Here are some of the most populat requests.




Kikuyu is one of the most common and the most vigorous of all lawn grasses. For this reason it is the most durable lawn which will tolerate dry spells. It is the most economical lawn and it is available in both large and small rolls. Kikuyu is an attractive hard wearing lawn suitable for schools, sports fields, commercial areas.

Sapphire buffalo grass has a high standard performance across seasons. It has a deep root system improving its drought tolerance and minimising watering. It lives in full sun, part or full shade and therefore holds a better colour during winter. Sapphire is a  fine leaf buffalo grass that is low maintenance and slow growing meaning less mowing.

Couch is a dark and very dense lawn variety with a small leaf with very few seedheads. Will discolour if temperature drops below 3 degrees Celsius. Has a good tolerance to wear and tear and needs a minimum of 4 - 5 hours of sunlight per day.

Large Rolls

20m square

At 20 metres square these rolls are laid with a tractor and means the job can be done quickly.

Small Rolls

1m square

You can order small rolls pick up, deliver or laid. Just give us  call to find out more.


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Glen Ford, Owner